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Compare Petrol, Diesel, Hybrid and Electric Cars

If this is the first time you've used our e-Go! fuel analyser then take a minute to read the briefing guide below - it will help you get to the right answer.

Even if you're a veteran then it may still help you to read the guide again.

Think of it as our crumple zone - once you know what it does you'll feel a lot safer.

Compare Petrol, Diesel, Hybrid and Electric Cars

Take a minute to read the briefing guide below - it will help you get to the right answer.

    What Do We Do?   

What Does Our Fuel Analyser Do?

There are lots of places you can go to read reviews on electric cars but getting meaningful facts is more difficult.

Our e-Go! fuel analyser is built to provide the numbers you need to compare ICE and electric cars and take the hard work out of comparing running costs.

We can forecast your running costs for ICE and electric cars from 1-5 years by blending information about your annual mileage, insurance and fuel costs with industry leading data on depreciation, maintenance and fuel consumption.

We'll help you decide whether or not a swap from traditional fuels to hybrid or electric power will help the planet and your wallet.

Our Calculations

How Do We Calculate Costs?

We take forecasts for depreciation, maintenance, fuel consumption and insurance and break these down into annual running costs for a car.

Next we apply your expected annual mileage to the costs to work out a cost per mile.

Finally we convert these costs to tables and charts - you can either stick with the headline pence per mile costs or drill down into the data and see yearly breakdowns of the forecast running costs for ICE and electric cars.

We've now swapped to using results from WLTP testing on items such as fuel consumption, battery range and recharge times. From 1 April 2020 new car data switched to this testing method; previously the NEDC standard was used.

Sometimes this swap does leave gaps in the data, but keep checking back with us for more up-to-date information, we're plugging the gaps as quick as we can! (And if you know a piece of information that we don't hold please do tell us!)



e-Go! uses pop-ups to display some of the fuel analyser data - if your browser blocks pop-ups then you will need to allow pop-ups for our web site, otherwise you won't be able to see some of the data.

This shouldn't interfere with your settings for other websites - most browsers enable you to allow or block pop-ups from specific sites.

Look for an icon in the address bar of your browser or a message to allow pop-ups, or check your browser settings or browser help guide for more information on how to do this.

Why do we use pop-ups?

Because of the large amount of data required to compare different types of fuel, using pop-ups is the easiest way to display some of the information and calculations in e-Go!. If we didn't use pop-ups you would need to do lots of scrolling up and down the page to see all of the data.

We promise we won't abuse pop-ups once you have allowed them for this site. They will be used only to present vehicle data and not for advertising or other annoying material.

Annual Mileage


e-Go! compares running costs based on mileage, so to get started choose your expected annual mileage below. We'll use this to calculate the key mileage dependant costs of depreciation, maintenance and fuel.

Once you've chosen your annual mileage, scroll down to select the vehicles you want to compare.

Annual Miles


Choose Your Display

Depending on the size of your display screen, you can choose whether to display costs for cars side-by-side or as a list.

The standard display layout is a list, but you can swap to side-by-side by clicking on the button below. To swap back to a list just click on the button again.

Choose Your Cars

How To Choose Your Cars

Getting Started

To get started click on any of the fuel types listed in the selections below.

You can then choose a manufacturer, range and model for your comparison, but you'll only be able to see cars which have the appropriate type of engine for your fuel selection.

You can choose from Petrol, Diesel, Hybrid and Electric cars, but you don't have to choose a car in every category; for example, you can just choose Petrol and Electric.

Once you've made your choices you can view the forecast running costs per mile for each vehicle.

Pence Per Mile running cost are calculated over 5 years based on outright purchase.

You can also see costs for personal and business leasing - just click on either the 'Personal Finance' or 'Business Finance' buttons displayed for each car.

You can also see all the detailed calculations behind the pence per mile costs - just click on the 'Cost Details' button for any car.

Keep Checking Here

Electric vehicle data is still evolving and right now the UK is in the process of switching from NEDC to WLTP as the standard for vehicle fuel and emissions data.

We're updating vehicle data constantly, particularly since WLTP became mandatory as the data standard from 1 April 2020.

At the moment new fuel and battery, etc, data is emerging daily.

Keep checking back with us if information about a particular vehicle you want is not yet available.

And if you have WLTP data you can share with us then do get in touch!

Your Choices

Select Your Vehicles

You need to choose an annual mileage before selecting vehicles


Headline pence per mile costs calculated over 5 years - see detailed analyses for each vehicle for 1-4 years.
Depreciation costs calculated using CAP-HPI future residual value forecasts assuming clean condition appropriate to age and mileage.
Maintenance costs use CAP-HPI servicing, maintenance and repair ('SMR') cost forecasts.
Prices displayed on this web site are valid only at the time of original viewing.
Vehicle images may include options only available at an additional cost.